Which kind of COVER is suitable for my S4 i9500?

I like S4 i9500 and had bought one, also think it will be a killer to grandfather-used iPhone 5. Recently, it’s so popular on s4, and when I phone my friend I can always see the guys walking pass by me with an i9500 in his hand. I’d like to have a UNIQUE s4 i9500 which can show my life style, and I see the COVER can do that! There are soooo many kinds of s4 i9500 cover http://www.guuds.com/c/36-Samsung-Galaxy-S4-i9500-Accessories-i9500-Cases.html in the market, and which one is the right?

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1)I’m a lovely person. Yes, if you are a lovely boy or a sweetly lady, you may need a lovely kind of S4 i9500 Cover to show you love and gentle. I guess the suitable kind of cover is below: http://www.guuds.com/product/i9500-6051B__Carbon-Fiber-Leather-Case-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S4-i9500-i9505-with-Built-in-Wallet-and-Stand-Black.html
Carbon Fiber Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 i9505 with Built-in Wallet and Stand - Black
2)NO! I’m a business man, and I’d not like to be childish. I think the simple is the better. Bags for phone, money and IC are too complex for a person who dresses suits. Carbon Fiber Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 i9505 with Built-in Wallet and Stand, I think you like this one: http://www.guuds.com/product/i9500-3007F__3D-Penguin-Soft-Silicone-Skin-Case-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S-4-IV-i9500-i9505-Pink.html
3D Penguin Soft Silicone Skin Case for Samsung Galaxy S 4 IV i9500 i9505 - Pink
3)I send s4 i9500 to my fashion grandfather. The s4 i9500 cover should be easy to use and clenched, in case the smart phone swing in the pool, When old family is fishing or watering the flowers. Case comes in 2 pieces which is made of silicone and reinforced with hard plastic to the sides and outside to ensure the durability of the case, I think you like this one: http://www.guuds.com/product/i9500-6042D__Magnetic-Leather-Flip-Case-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S4-i9500-S-IV-i9500-i9505-With-Built-in-Wallet-and-Stand-Pink.html
Magnetic Leather Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 / S IV i9500 i9505 With Built-in Wallet and Stand - Pink
4)I don’t belong to the above kinds described, and I usually use my S4 i9500 in my off hours. When I watch video I need a guy to scratch the phone for me as a partner. Yes, I think you must need this kind of S4 cover and the partner never feels tired.
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