New Classic Playable Tetris Game Boy Silicone Case

New Classic Playable Tetris Game Boy Silicone Case

 WANLE VC-061 Classic Playable Tetris Game Boy Silicone Case for iPhone
  • There are many free types of games, such as Tetris, Battle City, Shooting Game and so on, looking for your childhood memories
  • Perfect compatible the phone and soft plastic and TPU materials can protectect your phone well
  • Unique design: built-in ultra-thin electronic displays and controllers
  • With remote control buttons
  • Power: 1 x Button Battery
  • Working voltage: 3V
  • Color: Black
From A - Z Have below kinds of games:
  • A-Z total of 26 games
  • A: Tank Warfare(4 categories, 99 species)
  • B: Racing Games(2 lanes, 3 lanes and their mirrors, a total 4 categories, 99 species)
  • C: Memory Challenges(99 kinds)
  • D: Shooting Games(Shooting Drop Box, 99 kinds)
  • E: Frog Crossing The River(99 species)
  • F: Fighting The Ghost(2 categories, 99 kinds)
  • G: Shooting Games(Fill Box, 99 kinds, each initial pattern is different)
  • H: Pairs of Touch(looking for the box, compare the same box group, 2 categories, 99 kinds)
  • I~Z: Teris(Stacked Blocks, 99 types each).


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